Alexa will work with Apple Music on third-party devices 'soon'

You won't need an Amazon Echo to kick out the jams.

Now that Apple Music streams on Echo speakers, there's an obvious question: will third-party devices join the party? Thankfully, the answer is yes. An Amazon spokesperson has informed Mashable that Apple's streaming service "will be coming to other Alexa-enabled devices soon." It didn't say how widespread access would become, although it wouldn't be surprising if the company opens the floodgates instead of cherry-picking non-Echo hardware.

The eventual expansion won't be surprising. The Alexa move is clearly focused on extending the reach of Apple Music to counter services like Spotify, so it only makes sense to support as many Alexa devices as possible. In theory, you're more likely to subscribe if you can use Apple Music voice control on your Sonos One (yes, it can technically play Apple Music already) instead of buying an Echo or HomePod you don't really need.