Japan’s latest companion robot is the fuzzy, expressive Lovot

It can beg for attention and follow you around.

Japanese company Groove X has just unveiled its Lovot robot, but while many robots you hear about are developed to perform some sort of task, Lovot is only here to warm your heart. Built around the concept of "a little love can change the world," Lovot is a robot companion that can ask for attention, shy away from people it's not familiar with and follow you around like a pet. "The Lovot is not a useful robot that will do tasks for human beings," Groove X said in a press release. "What Groove X have pursued with technology is not efficiency or usefulness, but rather a robot that makes people truly happy by its innocent character and charming gestures that feels satisfying to cuddle."

Lovot has a number of touch sensors and a camera atop its head that can record and share videos of its surroundings. Lovot owners can use the robot to check in on pets or children via video, monitor when someone enters their home or keep tabs on a loved one by viewing a log of their interactions with Lovot. For those concerned with privacy, Lovot can function without being connected to the internet, though software updates, data backup and app linkage will require an internet connection.

This is one of many companion robots that have been developed in Japan. Lovot joins Toyota's tiny Kirobo bot, Sony's Aibo and care robots like Honda's Asimo.

The Lovot robots will initially be sold in pairs and you can reserve them starting today. They cost 598,000 yen (approximately $5,300) and are scheduled to start shipping in late 2019.