You can play one of the games from 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'

You'll need a ZX Spectrum emulator to play 'Nohzdyve.'

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch dropped on Netflix earlier today and easter eggs from the choose-your-own-adventure film are already popping up. A gamed called Nohzdyve that is featured in the film is online and available to play, but you'll need to download a ZX Spectrum emulator in order to experience it.

The interactive installment of Black Mirror takes place at a fictional game development studio called Tuckersoft. Nohzdyve is one of the titles developed by the firm, and a download is available on the retro-looking Tuckersoft website. The game was made for the ZX Spectrum -- an 8-bit personal computer that was popular in Britain during the 1980s -- and you'll need an emulator to be able to play it. Emulators like Speccy, Fuse or ZEsarUX should do the trick.

The choice of the semi-obscure gaming machine a tip of the cap to Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker's past. He has long had an interest in gaming and claims he didn't graduate from university because he wrote a dissertation about video games, which was considered to be an unacceptable topic to cover. He also became a gaming journalist and wrote about the topic for the magazine PC Zone in the early 1990s.

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