Google is testing group calling in Duo

There's also a low light mode for late night chats.

Google's upgrade strategy for Duo could include some highly sought-after features. Android Police sources say Google is testing a group calling feature in at least the Android version of its video chat app. It only supports seven people at once (no 32-person parties here), but it's relatively straightforward. You just have to create a group and then start a call with those people. If there's a limitation, it's that you can't add anyone into a group in mid-call.

There's also an in-progress feature that could be useful regardless of how many people are involved in your calls. Low light mode, as you might imagine, tweaks your video so others can see you better during nighttime conversations. You might not be reduced to a pair of eyes (if that) during a late night heart-to-heart.

It's not certain when either of these additions will arrive. And you can't simply download an update to get them -- Google appears to be controlling test access on the server side. If you can wait, though, Duo could soon be more competitive with other video-focused calling apps.