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Cosmo's bike helmet light will alert others when you fall

It also glows automatically when you hit the brakes.

Cycling can be dangerous, especially if you ride at night or in busy metropolitan areas. To help, a startup called Cosmo Connected is working on a smart light that clips onto the back of your helmet. Eight LEDs -- four red, four yellow -- are positioned in an oval shape. By default, they're set to an "always-on" position so that you're clearly visible in the dark. An accelerometer inside will know when you're braking, however, and warn fellow cyclists, drivers and pedestrians with a more intense light.

Cosmo's bike light works with a companion app on your phone. Here, you can trigger a flashing "emergency alert" or make left and right signals by mashing the screen or pressing the company's optional, handlebar-mounted remote control. It will also be possible to enter your journey beforehand and trigger turn signals automatically via GPS tracking. Finally, Cosmo Connected says the accelerometer will double as a fall detector, notifying friends and family in the event of an accident. All of these features are free, though an optional service (it's not clear if you'll have to pay for this, however) can be set up to notify emergency responders too.

The Cosmo Bike light will launch in September for $60. It follows the Cosmo Moto, a connected brake light for motorcyclists that was funded on Kickstarter last November. The helmet accessory has a similar feature set and is available in glossy black, glossy white and matte black for $119.

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