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Sennheiser's latest wireless earbuds offer an alternative to Beats X

The company also announced a successor in its popular 800 line.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
01.08.18 in AV

High-quality audio company Sennheiser used CES to add some new wraparound Bluetooth earbuds to its lineup that will compete with Apple's AirPods and Beats X. The company's CX 6.00BT model features an integrated microphone, a three-button remote and six hours of battery life, and will be available this month for $100.

The CX 6.00 has a few unique tricks, like the ability to pair with two devices at once (so you can listen to audio from your phone and computer simultaneously, for instance) along with support for three-way calling. Otherwise, Sennheiser is introducing another pair of cans at CES: the HD 820, an update for the company's acclaimed HD 800 line of headphones. The key new feature are discs of Gorilla Glass that cup the outside of each can to allegedly reflect escaping sound back toward 'absorber chambers' to minimize resonance. This audio ambrosia doesn't come cheap, though: The HD 820 will cost $2,400 when it goes on sale in early summer.

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