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The next weird 3DS game includes a tiny fishing reel

Did we mention that it also scans barcodes?
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
01.16.18 in AV

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Bandai Namco

Japan's fondness for games with highly specialized controllers frequently produces wonderfully weird results. If you need proof, you just need to look at Bandai Namco's upcoming Baku Tsuri Bar Hunter for the 3DS. The manga-linked augmented reality fishing game revolves around an elaborate add-on case that scans barcodes to add sealife, and a tiny reel (plus the 3DS' own motion controls) to catch creatures. In essence, it's the lovechild of Bass Fishing and Barcode Battler. It absolutely sounds like it shouldn't work, but it looks like a blast in the promo video... at least, for gamers willing to scan their shopping.

The game is slated to reach Japan on March 17th. Does it stand a chance of reaching other countries? Good grief, no. The combination of a manga theme and an ornate controller virtually guarantees that it won't (officially) leave its homeland, at least not without some dramatic changes. Even so, you have to give kudos to the developers for making a game that stands out -- especially on an older platform.

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