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'Battlefield 1' DLC adds aerial-only battles and more next month

It also introduces additional battlegrounds and new gear.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
01.18.18 in AV

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DICE and EA have shared much more of what Battlefield 1's new "Apocalypse" DLC entails, and it's good news if you prefer to be a fighter ace than fight in the trenches. The expansion arrives in February, and its highlight is a new Air Assault mode where dogfights and airships rule. Appropriately, there are two air-only maps (London Calling and Razor's Edge). Think of it as you would the Starfighter Assault mode in Battlefront II -- it's about scratching the itch for players who jump into vehicles at every given opportunity.

The add-on also brings a counter to those aircraft in conventional modes (the AA Rocket Gun) and a slew of new maps built around more of World War I's larger battles, such as Passchendaele, the Somme and Caporetto. Six more guns and two new aircraft also promise to add some variety.

You'll need a Premium Pass to see what "Apocalypse" entails. That's a bit of a pain when some of Battlefield 1's extras have been available for free, but this definitely isn't a small addition. If you play regularly but thought things were getting stale, this could keep it fresh for a while longer.

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