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Pinterest's new tools help keep your boards organized

They're rolling out for Pinterest on desktop, iOS and Android.

Pinterest has rolled out new tools that will help keep you sane if the pins you've been collecting for years have been driving you mad. To start with, you can now archive a board once you're done with it. Say, you've been using Pinterest to plan a party or a wedding -- you can toss that board to archive after you're done with it to keep things clean. By doing that, you're also stopping Pinterest from sending you relevant recommendations, so you don't have to keep seeing bouquets and wedding dresses if you're sick and tired of looking at them.

Remember sections -- that feature that gives you a way to organize a single board into different parts? Well, now you can rearrange those sections however you want. You can alphabetize them, put them in chronological order if they're for an itinerary or or just switch them around until they look right. Even better, you can now sort pins, so you can put pins with the same color or subject together to make your boards look less cluttery.

Finally, Pinterest is also letting you organize your boards by alphabetical order, by most recently saved or by board creation date (either newest or oldest). You can also arrange them yourself, if you're going for a specific look or want to position them based on importance. All these features are rolling out soon for Pinterest on desktop, iOS and Android, so you can tidy up your account whatever device you're using.

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