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'Mega Man Legacy Collection' is headed to Nintendo Switch May 22

Get all ten of the classic action platforming games in two bundles.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
02.19.18 in AV

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Mega Man fans were likely excited to hear that the next chapter in the venerable video game franchise, Mega Man 11, is slated for a release sometime this year. At the same time, Capcom announced plans to release two new Mega Man Legacy Collection compilations. Now we've got a date for their release on Nintendo Switch: May 22, 2018.

The first bundle brings the first six Mega Man games together, letting you shoot, slide and jump your way through the classic titles. Capcom also added a new save (almost) anywhere system so players can try tricky sections without having to worry about distant save points. In addition, there's a new rewind feature that lest you just back up a bit before a catastrophic mistake. Mega Man Legacy Collection also has a big gallery of concept art and box design, including the original Mega Man box art. There are songs from each game, too, and a challenge collection. Regular or golden Mega Man Amiibo toy owners will be able to access eleven extra fan-made challenges that have only been available on the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 includes Mega Man 7 through 10 from the Super Nintendo era, with 16- and 32- bit iterations of the action-platformer. Mega Man 9 and 10, both 8-bit retro throwbacks, will include all previously released DLC. The second collection also has a ton of art music, and challenges for each included title, and you'll be able to get more challenges via any Mega Man Amiibo. The first collection will run you $15 as a digital download; the second is $20. You'll also be able to buy the first collection and a code for the second one (along with a 30th anniversary cleaning cloth -- yay?) for $40 in May. We still don't know when Mega Man 11 (or Mega Man X titles) will show up on modern platforms, but we'll surely let you know when we do.

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