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Twitter relaxes the rules for customer service DMs

You can theoretically DM your cable company forever.

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Twitter's bot crackdown is great for improving the quality of the service, but might make it harder for businesses to use it effectively. That's why the company is tweaking its system to enable companies to better deal with bulk communications. In the future, you shouldn't be waiting as long for a response from your favorite airline / cable provider, unless of course they're just ignoring you.

Right now, Twitter limits the amount of requests and messages a piece of software can make to its system at a given time. It's a way of stopping propagandists and tolls from overwhelming Twitter, and your DM inbox. But that also stops businesses which use Twitter to handle customer service from thousands of irate users at a time.

The change means that, for every message you send to a company over DM, they can send you five responses within 24 hours. If you send them another message, then that figure resets, meaning that you can theoretically chat forever, should you want to. It should also serve as another appeal, from Twitter to business, that it is listening and tweaking its platform to ensure they don't go elsewhere.

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