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Bali plans to shut down mobile internet for its New Year

This will be the first time all providers have agreed to the government's request.

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LiveLifeTraveling via Getty Images

You might turn off your home internet or cell network on occasion to disconnect and have some down time, but it's likely that your country isn't doing it for you. According to The Guardian and the BBC, Bali is shutting off the net country wide for 24 hours this coming Saturday in recognition of Nyepi, or Balinese New Year.

Apparently, Indonesia is one of the world's most connected nations; its government even shuts down the international airport on the day of silence. According to The Guardian, a spokesperson from the Bali communications ministry, Nyoman Sujaya, told the Bali-based "It was agreed that internet on mobile phones will be cut. All operators have agreed." This will mark the first time getting such agreement, as last year's request was denied, reports The Guardian. WiFi connections will still be available at hotels, and for strategic services like security, aviation, hospitals and disaster agencies, while home WiFi is still under consideration to be shut down for the day.

"If the internet is disconnected, people will not die," joked Balinese governor Made Pastika to reporters on site. "I will turn off my gadgets during Nyepi."

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