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Plan group trips in Skype with help from TripAdvisor and StubHub

The feature is on Mac, iOS and Android already and will roll out to Windows 10 soon.

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Bringing TripAdvisor into a group chat is pretty easy -- just tap the Add to Chat button and select TripAdvisor from the list of available plug-ins. You can choose a destination, then search for restaurants, hotels and activities in the area. Sharing interesting things from your search is as easy as tapping the Send button, and your TripAdvisor post will show up in the group chat.

StubHub works similarly; you open the add-in and search for an event, location or date and then select the tickets you want. Once that's done, you can send the StubHub link to the entire group, and then everyone can click through to see the listings on the service, purchasing the seats they want.

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