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Instagram users can now link to hashtags and profiles in their bios

It's a quick and easy way to show off your interests.
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Hashtags are incredibly important to the way Instagram operates; back in December, the social network began allowing people to follow hashtags like they do profiles. Now the company is bringing them even more front and center. Starting today, Instagram is allowing users to link to both hashtags and profile links in their bios. Now, when you include a "#" or "@" in your bio, it will automatically become a live link that will lead to a hashtag or profile page.

It makes sense -- after all, part of Instagram's success hinges on the ubiquitous use of hashtags and how easy it is to find new-to-you users. This move helps individuals connect more fully with the hashtags they contribute to, as well as with other accounts they run (or accounts of friends and family) on the service.

If you do link to someone else's account, that person will receive a notification. They then have the option to remove the link from your profile. It's a good security measure that will surely cut down on abuse of this feature.

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