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A ‘Warhammer’ AR fantasy card game is coming to PC this year

It will roll physical cards into a digital game along with augmented reality.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
03.23.18 in AV

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Games Workshop

Gamers may know Games Workshop's popular tabletop game Warhammer: Age of Sigmar (the fantasy counterpart to Warhammer 40,000) is getting its own card game for PC later this year -- and it'll benefit from augmented reality. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Champions, as it's called, includes physical cards, a digital game and an augmented reality engine to animate the former.

But we can look at a different title that Age of Sigmar Champions' developer PlayFusion made previously. The studio successfully Kickstarted and made Lightseekers, a video game that used a proprietary AR app to bring action figures and trading cards into digital gameplay. If that system's ability to bring on-screen life to static cards is any indication, Age of Sigmar Champions will likely have a robust integration between physical and digital media. If you're interested, sign up for the game's mailing list here.

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