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Instagram restores Giphy stickers now that racist GIFs are gone

Giphy has revamped its content moderation to keep offensive GIFs out.

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Instagram and Snapchat completely removed Giphy stickers from their apps after finding racist GIFs, but the feature is now ready to come back... on Instagram, that is. The photo-centric social network has restored stickers after Giphy said it "made specific changes to our [moderation] process" to prevent a repeat incident. Snapchat hadn't made a similar move as of this writing (it reiterated its earlier position in a statement to TechCrunch), but it may be just a matter of time if the company is satisfied with Giphy's response.

The offensive imagery was gone from both social services within hours of being found. All the same, this underscores one of the problems with outsourcing your media to a service with user uploads: it's only as good as the content filtering from that service. If vile material slips through the cracks, it can be embarrassing for both sides.

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