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Brace yourselves for more Alexa lamps

Amazon just released a reference guide that includes smart lamps.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
03.29.18 in Home

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Alexa-enabled devices are pretty ubiquitous these days, especially speakers with the Amazon tech built in. The same can't be said of smart lamps, however, with the C by GE Sol a rare exception. Amazon just released a design reference that gives third-party manufacturers a leg up in creating their own white-box products that use Alexa. Amazon has chosen two speakers (from Junlam and Narui) and one smart lamp from Adition, each of which have been approved by Amazon.

The idea here is that third-party companies use these designs to quickly iterate Alexa-powered devices of their own. That means we're bound to see even more smart speakers and — more importantly — smart lamps. Adition's lamp speaker is a warm, soft, dimming light that has 2-mics, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with support for multiple music services. Amazon calls it "an example of how Alexa can be integrated into products already found in the home."

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