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Skype's call recording feature is made for podcasters

Preserve your show for posterity without using extra software.

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Here's a little trade secret: podcasters and radio show hosts use Skype a lot. It's helpful for adding remote guests with minimal fuss. You usually need to synchronize with a third-party app or device to record the call at the quality you'd like, though, and that can be a pain to set up. Mercifully, Microsoft is aiming to fix that. It's readying a Skype for Content Creators mode that records calls directly through NDI-capable software like Wirecast, Xsplit and Vmix. The feature provides "clean" copies of all call participants that you can easily drop into audio and video production apps, so you can focus more on posting your show and less on double-checking everyone's recordings.

The Content Creators feature is available in preview form now, and should be widely available in the summer for both Mac and Windows 10 users. This might not matter too much if you're just recording basic one-on-one audio, but it could prove to be a lifesaver if you regularly produce podcasts, video blogs or permanent livestream recordings -- you shouldn't experience the horror of a missing recording or a mangled audio track.

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