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Recommended Reading: Does Facebook need to be regulated?

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Billy Steele
04.07.18 in Internet

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How the government could fix Facebook
Julia Angwin,
The Atlantic

There are a number of issues surrounding the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica saga. Perhaps the most prominent one is the question of whether or not the social network needs to be regulated by the government. The Atlantic discusses four ways regulators could "fix" Facebook if there is a move to enact reforms.

How Facebook blew it
Alex Pasternack and Joel Winston,
Fast Company

Fast Company unpacks a lot of the details around Cambridge Analytica, data collection, Facebook's response and more.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek: Once the music industry's slayer, now its savior
Maureen Farrell and Anne Steele, The Wall Street Journal

The struggling music industry was forced to embrace streaming and Spotify's CEO has proven the company's value.

Live Nation rules music ticketing, some say with threats
Ben Sisario and Graham Bowley,
The New York Times

Eight years after the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster, we're still dealing with record-high prices.

Inside the surreal, probably inevitable world of plastic surgery apps
Lizzie Plaugic, The Verge

The Verge has the story of what happens when cosmetic procedures become a mobile game with titles like "Plastic Surgery Simulator."

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