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Nest’s outdoor facial recognition camera is available in Europe

Cam IQ devices arrived in the US months ago.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Nest released the weather-ready version of its facial recognition-equipped camera, the Cam IQ outdoor, last fall in the US. The device would theoretically notify you only if it recorded someone it hadn't seen before, so your kids playing in the yard wouldn't trip the alarm. Now, half a year later, the camera is headed to Europe.

The Cam IQ outdoor has impressive specs to aid its facial recognition tech, with a 4K digital sensor, HDR and 1080p HD video and the ability to zoom in 12x. It's IP66 weather-certified to endure rain, snow and wind; It needs to be constantly plugged in, but at least you won't have to worry about running out of battery. And like other cameras in its family, the Cam IQ outdoor can be used with the company's Nest Aware recording and footage analysis service. The camera is available now for €379 EU / £329 GBP on Nest's website and in European retailers.

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