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'Westworld' creators have an unusual approach to S2 spoilers

Imagine it: All the twists and turns revealed ahead of time.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
04.10.18 in Art
Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden - 'Westworld' John P. Johnson/HBO

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During a Reddit AMA with Westworld show creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Nolan made an unexpected announcement -- instead of making fans cry, they'd spoil their own show. Usually, for a mysterious show like this the fan community spends all season trying to connect threads and predict the plot's resolution without any real idea of what's happening (unless there's a leak). But maybe there's a way to skip all that, and experience the show like Game of Thrones where many people read the books first. The deal was to do it, without saying goodbye, if Nolan's comment received 1,000 upvotes, which it did, and you can view the video after the break.

We'd tell you what's in it, but that would be a spoiler, and we'd never hurt you.

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