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Recommended Reading: Tesla and Waymo's self-driving data quests

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Billy Steele
04.21.18 in Internet
Bloomberg via Getty Images

How Tesla and Waymo are tackling a major problem for self-driving cars: Data
Sean O'Kane,
The Verge

In order for cars to drive themselves, the vehicles and their systems require loads of data. And gathering those details are one of the main goals for companies developing the autonomous cars that will eventually take us to the office. The Verge takes a look at how two of the main players in the self-driving space -- Tesla and Waymo -- are gathering gobs of data in very different ways.

Facebook didn't seem to care I was being sexually harassed until I decided to write about it
Jesselyn Cook,

There were a few stories about issues with Facebook's reporting tools this week, but this one from a reporter at HuffPost is by far the most eye-opening.

Neopets was run by Scientologists
Sarah Bellman,
The Outline

You may recall the Neopets hype in the early 2000s, but what you might not know is that the company, as The Outline describes it, "employed business practices directly connected to the Church of Scientology."

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