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Arcade classic '10-Yard Fight' is the Switch's first football game

Sorry, but if you were hoping for 'Tecmo Bowl' you might be disappointed.

Nintendo has been keen to capitalize on nostalgia, however, its latest attempt has us scratching our heads. Next week the Switch will have a football game to call its own, but rather than, say, a classic Madden, Mutant League Football from EA or Tecmo Bowl, we're getting 10-Yard Fight for $7.99. The game originally appeared on the NES back in 1985, a two-year delay after its arcade debut.

It's more of a racing game than it is a replication of the gridiron, with players pushing forward for a first down to extend the time clock. As Polygon notes, there are nine players on each side of the line rather than 11, and your choices are either running as the quarterback, passing or handing the ball off to a running back. There's no "HB Off Tackle" or other plays to choose from here.

The Switch port is the original arcade version, and there will be a two-player mode as well. For an idea of how the NES version played, take a gander at the video embedded below.

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