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Camera maker DxO Labs files for bankruptcy

It says customers won’t be affected though.

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DxO Labs

DxO Labs, maker of the DxO One camera attachment and PhotoLab, FilmPack and ViewPoint photo software, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, PetaPixel reports. The company did so on March 7th and DxO Labs says it's now undergoing a restructuring of its business. "We are very confident that this procedure, which should not last for more than a few more weeks, will not affect our customers in any way," the company said in a statement. The bankruptcy won't apply to the camera testing and rating company DxOMark, which was spun off from DxO Labs last September.

To emphasize its point that customers shouldn't worry, DxO also announced two product releases. In June, it will release a free update of its PhotoLab software, which will include improved local correction features and support for seven additional cameras. Also in June, DxO will release a new version of the Nik Software Collection, which it bought from Google last year.

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