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Instagram adds video chat to its stable of social features

It's being tested now and will roll out around the world soon.
Edgar Alvarez/Engadget

Live video has been a popular feature on Instagram, and now the social network is taking that one step further. Soon, Instagram will roll out video chatting, allowing a user to talk one-on-one or with a small group of people directly through the service.

Starting a video chat will be easy. All you have to do is tap the camera icon at the top of a Direct thread (assuming the recipient hadn't opted out of using Direct messages). The really fun thing is you can continue video chatting as long as Instagram is open; if you want to scroll your feed while you're talking, you can minimize the video and keep using the app as you normally would.

It's an interesting move for Instagram, to be sure. While social networks are all about connecting people, video chatting brings another, more personal level to Instagram. It's clear that the app is looking to be the place you go to in order to connect with new and old friends alike for a younger generation, whether publicly or privately, and is introducing new features with that in mind.

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