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Oculus Go standalone VR headset is now available for $199

The Oculus Go promises to make VR far more accessible.

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Brian Oh/Engadget

Oculus' first stab at a standalone VR headset is finally here after several months of hype. The Oculus Go is now available to order from the company's website for buyers in 23 countries, with US pricing set at $199 for a version with 32GB of storage and $249 for a 64GB model. Americans can also buy the headset from a mix of online and physical retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg.

The experience won't be as advanced as what you'd get on the Rift (which has dual Touch controllers, more freedom of movement and access to a powerful PC), but there's an obvious appeal here: the Go is self-contained, wire-free and considerably more affordable. You can use it even if you don't have a PC, a console or a higher-end smartphone. And that could make this the most accessible headset to date. If all you want to do is watch TV in VR or play some basic VR games, you don't need to invest in secondary equipment or string cables across the room to get fully immersed.

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