Oculus TV launches this month with a ton of streaming partners

Showtime, Hulu, Red Bull and ESPN are on board.

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Given that the main function of an Oculus headset is to let you escape reality for a while, using one to watch TV seems almost pedestrian. Yet it's a feature that's often overlooked, until now. Oculus TV is launching later this month and it's got a raft of entertainment partners on board, including Hulu, Showtime, Red Bull and Pluto TV, with more, including ESPN, in the pipeline.

The company has built a 3D environment specifically for the experience, where you can watch TV solo or with friends on a massive screen from a huge seating area. The platform will also serve as an app-launching area for other VR entertainment apps, including Netflix and Facebook Video app for TV. The exact launch date and complete partner line-up is yet to be announced, but expect it before the month is out.

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