Hulu and Spotify bundle will only cost you $13 a month

It includes a Spotify Premium and a Hulu Limited Commercials plan.

Hulu and Spotify are teaming up again to offer a discount to those who bundle both of their services. For now, the offer is limited to those with an existing Spotify Premium subscription, which usually costs $10 itself. Now, subscribers can add on Hulu's Limited Commercials subscription, which typically costs $8 on its own, and pay a total of just $13. Sometime this summer, this deal will be extended to everyone.

When you sign up for the deal, you'll only pay an additional dollar on top of your Spotify service for the first three months. But after that promotion period ends, the $13 price will kick in. If you're a Spotify Premium subscriber and you already have a Hulu Limited Commercials subscription -- and no premium add-ons like Showtime or HBO -- you can still take advantage of the deal, but you have to switch your billing to Spotify.

Last year, Spotify and Hulu offered a similar deal, giving students the option to bundle both services for just $5 per month. "Based on the outstanding performance of the Spotify and Hulu student package, it's clear that consumers love to combine their music and television experiences together," Tim Connolly, head of distribution and partnerships at Hulu, said in a statement. The current offer expires on May 10th.