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Hulu will stream Viceland shows like 'Gaycation' and 'Weediquette'

The deal will bring 150 hours of the past seasons from 15 shows as video on demand.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
05.17.18 in AV

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Alex Gallardo / Reuters

You can already watch Viceland via Hulu's live TV service, but now you'll get even more content on demand. According to a report at Variety, Hulu has inked a deal with the TV show creator, which will provide the past seasons of 15 shows, including "Gaycation," "What Would Diplo Do?" and "Woman." The shows will start streaming on June 8th.

"Our viewers love watching thought-provoking reality series on Hulu, and partnering with Viceland is yet another way we're building the most valuable content offering for fans of unscripted programming," said Hulu's Lisa Holme in a statement. Viceland operates as a joint collaboration between A&E and Vice in the US, said Variety, and is owned by Disney and Hearst. Other shows headed to Hulu with this deal include "Black Market," "Abandoned," "Bong Appétit," "Cyberwar, "Hamilton's Pharmacopeia," "Hate Thy Neighbor," "Huang's World" and "Weediquette," according to Variety.

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