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Sennheiser’s latest wireless earbuds are built for the gym

The CX Sport isn't totally wireless, but it should get the job done.

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Sennheiser has released its latest set of tethered, wireless headphones. The CX Sport is a splash- and sweat-resistant model with a number of comfort features. The headphones can be worn with the cable positioned behind the neck or in front and ergonomic fins, which come in three sizes, can be attached to the earbuds to make sure they stay in place. The ear adapters also come in four sizes. For added comfort control, the headphones also come with a cable organizer that lets you adjust the cable length and a clip that allows you to affix them to your clothing.

As for audio, the CX Sport has Qualcomm aptX support, the low latency of which ensures your audio will match your screen when watching a video. The headphones have a six-hour battery life and can be fully charged in an hour and a half.

The CX Sport is available now through Sennheiser and costs $130, putting it above Sennheiser's CX 6.00 but below similar models from Libratone, Jabra, and Apple. The headphones will go on sale worldwide in June.

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