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Chromecast users can now skip show intros on Netflix

The feature appears to only be available on Android right now though.
Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

If you're a fan of binge-watching shows on Netflix, you're probably aware of the feature that allows people streaming on certain devices to skip the introduction to TV shows. Now, users on Chromecast can take advantage of that feature as well.

On the controller screen inside the Netflix app, there's now a button to skip the introduction at the bottom of the device screen. It's unclear as of right now whether the button will disappear after some time or remain present on the controller, but seeing as how the Roku and Android TV buttons don't persist, it's likely that this one will go away as well.

Both 9to5Google and Android Police reported the button's existence on Android. We tested the Chromecast controller on iOS with an up-to-date app; however the button did not appear. It's unclear if it's still rolling out, or this feature is restricted to the Android OS only. Still, it's a nice and useful feature for Netflix TV show marathons.

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