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Spotify's GDPR updates add privacy and data download tools

The company updates its privacy policy days before the EU regulations go into effect.
PA Archive/Press Association Images

In the lead up to the EU's May 25th GDPR enforcement deadline, companies like Facebook, Oculus and Google are all updating their privacy policies to maintain compliance with the guidelines (which can be enforced with some stiff penalties). Now Spotify is taking steps to be more transparent about how it handles your data with new privacy policies set to go into effect on the 25th.

The new policies include a more human-readable set of policies to explain what data Spotify collects and how the company uses and shares it. The company will also launch a new Privacy Center in the coming weeks to show you how to manage your privacy settings. You'll also be able to download all your data, similar Instagram's data tool, to meet the portability requirements of the EU law. Finally, you'll be able to find contact information on Spotify's Data Protection Officer (another requirement of the GDPR) with any concerns about your privacy.

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