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macOS update delivers Messages in iCloud

Keep tabs on conversations while sitting at your desk.

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Engadget Chinese

Don't panic, Mac users -- just because Apple only released iOS 11.4 at first doesn't mean it has forgotten about you. The company has posted a macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 update that supports Messages in iCloud, providing both more consistent chat syncing across your Apple-made devices as well as a way to free up space. You can delete a message on your iMac and expect it to vanish on your iPhone, or set up a new MacBook and access your entire conversation history.

There aren't other stand-out features in 10.13.5, although it does include the usual host of security and bug fixes. Not that you'll necessarily mind. If you're fully immersed in Apple's ecosystem, this could significantly improve your ability to keep track of a chat as you change devices throughout your day.

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