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Apple's FaceTime offers group chats for up to 32 people

That's one hell of a conference call.
Billy Steele
06.04.18 in Mobile
Chris Velazco/Engadget

During its rundown of updates for iOS at WWDC, Apple revealed that FaceTime will soon support group video calls. But that's not the best part. Inside those group chats, the app will allow you to coordinate meetups with up to 32 people. That's one hell of a conference call.

During the group chats, you'll have access to Messages features like sticker packs and Animoji so you can keep the mood light. You'll be able to add participants mid-chat and guests can choose to join later -- so long as the call is still on-going. Guests can also opt to join in using audio-only, should the need arise. It works inside FaceTime on iPhone, iPad and Mac, and you can also answer with audio-only via your Apple Watch. This new tool will arrive with iOS 12, which will most likely land on your device sometime this fall.

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