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Apple improves Photo search and sharing in iOS 12

The company is clearly targeting Google Photos.

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Since our smartphones are now the main way we document the world, it's important that all those photos of your world are easy to find. At WWDC Apple unveiled upgraded and new features coming to the Photos app in iOS. Search has been supercharged and your device will now collect and offer to share the best photos from an event.

The new sharing feature (under the For You tab) is especially interesting because it uses the faces you've trained your phone to recognize and uses that data to figure out who you were hanging out with. When the gallery is shared with those folks -- using end-to-end encryption -- the receivers' phones will find their best photos of said event and offer to add them to the shared gallery.

To find photos that haven't been surfaced by Apple's algorithm, the app's search capabilities have been supercharged. The app has updated search for events, locations and people. Plus, you can use multiple search parameters at once. So if you're looking for a photo in Hawaii at your favorite beach on a certain date, you can input all those parameters to fine turn your query.

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