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IKEA and Sonos show off their first smart speaker prototype

It's certainly something.

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Nearly six months after IKEA and Sonos announced their plans to "democratize" music together, the partnership has revealed a teaser of the forthcoming SYMFONISK speaker range. However, the above image -- which doesn't look unlike a stage projection light -- is said to be a non-functional prototype, so the final product may look nothing like this (fingers crossed).

Whatever form the speakers eventually take, they'll be fully compatible with Sonos' existing range of wireless speakers, and with IKEA's Home Smart range of lights and switches. As the image shows, there's a distinct lack of Sonos branding on the device, no doubt a measure designed to set them apart from the company's usual wares, which start at $150. No word yet on pricing for these ones, though. It's also not clear when the SYMFONISK series will be available to buy, but given IKEA's increasing interest in the sound space (it recently launched its ENEBY line) we probably won't have to wait very long to find out what's next.

Update: This post originally had an incorrect lead photo which did not represent the Sonos / IKEA collaboration; it has since been updated with a different image showing the IKEA / Sonos speaker mounted to the wall, above the Sonos Play:5.

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