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'My Hero: One's Justice' brings the Plus Ultra action

If you liked the manga, you're going to love the game.
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Dragon Ball Fighter Z is currently the reigning champ of anime-based fighting games but it's about to get some tough competition -- and not just from the highly-anticipated release of Jump Force next year. My Hero Academia, one of the biggest hits in the anime universe right now, is getting its own fighter as well. My Hero: One's Justice is slated to drop later this year and, based on the demo that I just played at E3, is going to be a (Detroit) smash hit.

My Hero Academia follows the exploits of Izuku Midoriya, a quirk-less kid growing up in a world of superheroes, who strives to inherit All Might's mantle and become the number one hero in the land. In One's Justice, players will select three-member teams from a stable of more than a dozen characters including heroes Izuku, Katsuki Bakugo, Ochaco Uraraka, and All Might himself -- as well as a number of villains like Dabi, Stain, and Himiko Toga -- and do battle in 12 different iconic levels.

The combat is fast and furious with fully destructable levels. However, unlike DBFZ you won't have to defeat all three opponents, nor will you actually play as all three of your selected characters. Instead your second and third picks will serve as sidekicks, jumping in for quick hits and support but not available for direct control. This adds a unique strategic twist. For example, during my demo, I used All Might as my main and Ochaco as a sidekick. With her anti-gravity ability, I was able to temporarily float my opponent (in this case, Stain) off the ground and then employ All Might's brute strength to send him flying headfirst into the side of a mountain. What's more, as Stain was stuck to the wall like a dart in cork board, All Might literally ran up the side of the mountain to continue pummelling the hapless swordsman.

The in-game graphics rival that of the anime. Each character comes outfitted in their classic hero outfits, the levels are bright, and the special move animations are crisp. The controls are quick, intuitive and responsive, which makes fighting in the 3D arenas a treat. Unlike DBFZ, where you simply jet back and forth along a set 2D stage, One's Justice enables you to circle your opponent and attack from all angles. As such you'll need to quickly become adept at dodging and blocking if you wish to survive.

The game is expected to hit the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch this October.

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