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Valve removes game purchases from Steam Link's iOS beta

It's a step backward, but could help Steam Link reach the App Store.

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Jon Fingas/Engadget

Apple and Valve have been at an impasse for weeks over the release of Steam Link for iOS, but it looks like they might be closer to an arrangement... if not necessarily the one you'd hope for. TouchArcade has discovered that the latest beta test for Steam Link's iOS edition removes purchasing from within the app. If you visit a game's product page, the usual buying options are replaced with a notice that the content is "available for purchase from your PC." You can use any existing funds in your wallet when you're in the Steam Marketplace, but you can't add funds.

We've asked Valve if it can comment. There's no guarantee that these changes will be enough to pass scrutiny and put Steam Link in the App Store, but the company has stressed that it's working with Valve on a version of the app that it would find acceptable. This is clearly a step in that direction. It represents a mixed bag for gamers, though. While just having Steam Link for iOS would be great news for gamers who want to play away from their PC, they'll be losing a feature to get access -- and it's one they don't have to lose on other platforms.

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