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Sony is crafting a new version of its Android launcher

Whether or not it gives Sony an advantage is another matter.

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If there's been a constant in Sony's ever-evolving Xperia phone lineup, it's the software -- that not-quite-stock Android interface has stuck around for years. Even that fixture is going to change, though. After Sony decided to wind down work on its existing Xperia Home launcher, the company's Erika Prymus revealed that the there's a "new Home Application" in the works. There aren't any details surrounding the new release, but it's possible that Sony may be adapting to Android P's new gesture-driven navigation.

The tech firm didn't say when users could expect the new interface, either. However, Sony is still pursuing its rapid-fire strategy of releasing smartphone roughly half-year intervals. If the new launcher is relatively close, you could see it as soon as the late summer or early fall. It's just a question of whether or not this will be a dramatic overhaul that catches your eye or a subtle evolution.

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