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Dish is bringing Netflix to more hotel rooms

The in-room Evolve system finally adds the streaming service.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
06.18.18 in AV

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DISH Network Corporation

Dish Network began offering hotel entertainment in 2017 with an Android TV-powered box that let guests stream and watch live television in the comfort of their own hotel room. YouTube and Sling TV were supported via built-in Chromecast, but Netflix was noticeably missing. Now Dish has Netflix, and will integrate the streaming content into its Evolve system in the coming months.

Evolve also gives users access to "thousands" of Android TV apps via the Google Play Store as well as a programming guide. The system is 4K-friendly, too, so Netflix users can stream high-resolution movies and TV shows to their room. You'll still need a Netflix account, of course, and you'll be able to sign in either from the main Evolve menu, or stream via Chromecast. When you check out, your Netflix credentials will be automatically removed from the system, as well.

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