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Instagram's redesigned Explore tab sorts everything into topics

Browse TV, movies, sports and more.

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As if you weren't already spending hours falling down the rabbit hole that is Instagram's Explore tab, the site is making a few tweaks that'll make it even easier to spend time getting lost in other people's pics. Announced at Facebook's F8 event earlier this year, a redesigned Explore tab is now rolling out to users. It has the same tile-style interface as before, with curated posts based on the things you're already looking at, but now you can explore additional topic channels, too.

The topics cover things like sports, TV and movies, plus there's a new "For You" section that shows a special collection of personalized posts, based on your interests and past behaviors. The F8 announcement also touched on video chat and group video chat, but these features haven't appeared yet. The redesigned Explore tab, however, is rolling out now and should hit your account in the next couple of days.

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