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Farewell, StumbleUpon

The site has gone, but will continue its legacy.

Yesterday marked the end of StumbleUpon, one of the web's longest-running discovery services, which offered close to 60 billion "stumbles" in its 16-year tenure. The platform, which started in a pre social media age, was designed to help people find an interesting website with a single click. Unfortunately, times have changed, and so StumbleUpon will die in order for its successor, Mix, to survive.

Mix takes the original idea of StumbleUpon -- finding content -- and greatly improves upon it, creating a place where you can store your favorite websites. Because StumbleUpon was limited in what it could do beyond showing you something that other people felt was "cool," Mix is all about curation. Now, folks can organize their content into "meaningful collections," guiding you to places you really wanna go to.

Loyal StumbleUpon users shouldn't worry too much, since Mix enables them to import their account into Mix fairly painlessly. But while you're celebrating the new, don't forget to pour one out to one of the pillars of the old internet as it passes quietly into the long night.

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