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Ontario kills EV subsidies to reduce gas prices

Happy breathing.

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Last month, Ontario elected a new provincial government; Doug Ford's Conservative Party, which has already begun enacting its key policies. That includes an immediate end to an electric and hydrogen vehicle subsidy, as well as incentive programs for EV chargers. The aim? To gut a cap-and-trade program that was designed to encourage folks to ditch their planet-killing gas guzzlers.

In a statement, the province's ministry of transportation said that it has committed to "bring gas prices down by 10 cents a liter." The move will, apparently, help "Ontario families and businesses by $1.9 billion per year," although only in the short term. Since we'll all wind up paying far more for our insurance, food and healthcare as the air begins to choke us.

Buyers who had their vehicle "delivered," as well as "registered and plated" on or before July 11th will still be eligible for any incentive. Plus any orders that have been already made but haven't yet been delivered, so long as they're on people's driveways by September 10th, are also included. Similarly, those looking for charger incentives can still do so for the 60 days after July 11th.

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