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Skype’s redesigned desktop app includes drag-and-drop photo sharing

It also comes with a chat media gallery and improved messaging.

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Microsoft is rolling out an updated version of Skype for desktop today that comes with a handful of new features. Skype 8.0 will include free HD video and screen-sharing calls that can accommodate up to 24 people as well as the ability to share photos, videos and files -- up to 300MB worth at a time -- by dragging and dropping them into the chat window. Messaging is getting a tweak too and users will be able to react to messages in a conversation, address someone specifically with an @mention and easily see all of their @mentions in a notification center. Additionally, a new chat media gallery will house all of the files, photos and links that were shared in a conversation.

Along with Skype 8.0 for desktop, Microsoft is also rolling out Skype 8.0 for iPad, read receipts, encrypted audio calls and text messages, profile invites and group links so that users can join your group easily. Skype is also getting call recording. As soon as someone starts recording, everyone on that call will be notified and the recording will include everyone's video and any screens that were shared.

You can upgrade to Skype 8.0 now. Skype 7.0 will cease working on September 1st.

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