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Chase now offers phone-based withdrawals at 'nearly all' ATMs

Tapping your phone can get you some paper.

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Daniel Tepper/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It took a long, long time, but Chase's phone-based ATM withdrawals are finally widespread. The bank has expanded its card-free access to "nearly all" of its ATMs across the US, giving you one less reason to panic if you leave your wallet at home. As before, you can get in by tapping a device with a Chase debit or Liquid card linked to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, and then entering your PIN code. It's functionally equivalent to using your regular card, so you're not facing the usual limits that come with making tap-to-pay purchases.

Chase is offering support at 15,000 machines out of 16,000 total, so there's still a slight chance you'll need your bank card in a pinch. With that in mind, phone-only access is ubiquitous enough that you can rest a little easier the next time you need cash for a food truck or concert merch.

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