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eBay makes it easy for amateur mechanics to shop for auto parts

It's no fun receiving parts for a Honda when you have a Ford.
eBay Motors

It can be tough buying the right auto parts online unless you're a pro or a very experienced DIYer. According to eBay, 49 percent of consumers mistakenly pick up components that are either not compatible with their vehicles or are just plain wrong. To make it simpler for everyone, eBay Motors has launched the ability to shop by diagram, which allows you to find parts using your vehicle's schematics.

You'll need to know the year, make, model, trim level and engine type of your car, truck or motorbike and then add all those information to the upgraded My Garage portal. But once that's done, you can simply choose your vehicle from My Garage and then select a category to narrow things down to bring up interactive diagrams you can explore. When you choose a specific part from the diagram, eBay will only surface items for sale that are compatible with your vehicle to take guesswork out of the equation.

Jay Hanson, COO and Vice President of eBay Americas, said in a statement:

"More than half of all US adults have tackled some sort of auto repair by themselves, and not knowing exactly which part they need can be one of the biggest obstacles to online parts shopping. The new features we're rolling out today eliminate the guesswork by helping people find and buy the specific part they need -- even if they don't know exactly what it is."

Check out a demo of how the new feature works:

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