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Recommended Reading: AI the music producer

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Billy Steele
09.01.18 in Internet

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Toronto Star via Getty Images

How AI-generated music is changing the way hits are made
Dani Deahl,
The Verge

The rise of streaming services is one of many challenges the music industry is currently having to contend with. In the latest installment of its "The Future of Music" series, The Verge tackles another pressing issue: AI. This piece tells the story of Taryn Southern, an artist who used AI to co-produce her debut album.

These cultural treasures are made of plastic. Now they're falling apart.
XiaoZhi Lim,
The New York Times

Neil Armstrong's space suit is falling apart, but it isn't the only artifact conservationists are working to save.

The triumph of Stephen Colbert
Brian Hiatt,
Rolling Stone

Colbert's jump to a major network started off rocky, but he hit his stride. He discusses a range of topics, including the transition from The Colbert Report, with Rolling Stone.

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