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The cyberpunk bartending sequel to 'VA-11 HALL-A' arrives in 2020

'N1RV ANN-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action' is slated for PCs, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

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Sukeban Games

The expert mixologists at Venezuela's Sukeban Games invented the cyberpunk "booze-em-up" with VA-11 HALL-A, combining William Gibson with a dash of Charles Bukowski -- which Engadget's Jessica Conditt lovingly described as "Papers, Please, but with alcohol instead of immigration papers." That indie hit sold 200,000 copies and now Sukeban has announced its sequel, with yet more eccentric characters and whiskey-soaked shenanigans.

N1RV ANN-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action switches the setting from VA-11 HALL-A's Glitch City to an artificial island paradise (with a seedy underbelly) dubbed Saint Alicia. You'll once again take up bartending duties, this time playing as Sam -- who must juggle her own life, as a mother to an eight-year-old, with that of her customers.

The aim is to navigate the seedy cast of characters that frequent your bar, ranging from Mafia crime lords to bio-hackers and Sam's Yakuza boyfriend, whose lives you can alter by serving drinks. Experiment with different, real-life concoctions and sit back and watch the explosive consequences. The better your creations, the more tips you'll receive, which you can spend on bills, decorations, and Sam's son.

It will all seem immediately recognisable to anyone who played its predecessor. Only this time round the action is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, along with PCs. The only thing is you'll have to wait till 2020 to play it.

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