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Recommended Reading: The reality of sci-fi's AI immortality obsession

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Billy Steele
09.22.18 in Internet

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Are Hosts, Replicants, and robot clones closer than we think?
Jayson Greene,
The Ringer

Black Mirror already uncomfortably aligns with the real world, but we might be even closer to more advanced concepts from that show and others, like Westworld and Altered Carbon, becoming reality. The Ringer offers a look at just how far away we could be from Hosts, Replicants and robotic clones following a new trailer release for Keanu Reeves' long lost Replicas movie.

Meet the guy tasked with archiving Prince's entire vault
Dee Lockett,

The entire catalog of Prince's creative work, both released and unreleased, is under the care of one man. And it's quite the task.

A breakthrough for US troops: Combat-ready pizza
Dave Philipps,
The New York Times

If you've ever tasted a MRE (Meals, Ready to Eat), you know there's only so much you can do that doesn't require cooking. Now, the US military has developed pizza that stays "fresh" for up to three years.

He saw our darkness
John Hayes,
Bitter Southerner

This month marked the 15th anniversary of Johnny Cash's death, and this look back at the singer's career that spanned nearly five decades is a fascinating read.

Inside Facebook's election 'War Room'
Sheera Frenkel and Mike Isaac,
The New York Times

Key elections in multiple countries are rapidly approaching, so Facebook is trying to be more proactive this time around.

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