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Amazon launches pre-game show for 'Thursday Night Football'

And it's hosted by women.

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Amazon is launching a new Thursday Night Football pre-game show. Nothing too unusual about that, except this one, The Drive, will be hosted by two women -- a move some will sadly consider surprising, even in this, the year 2018. Charissa Thompson and Rachel Lindsay (pictured) –- who both boast impressive sports broadcasting resumes -- will interview two opposing players both on and off the field as they gear up for their Thursday Night Football game. One interview will take place during the player's daily commute, the other at their home, or team's training facilities.

The series will air weekly on the Tuesday ahead of each week's Thursday Night Football match-up in the US, and will be available on the Prime app across all consoles and devices. The news follows Amazon's recent announcement that its latest round of Thursday Night Football commentary will include an option for all-female audio commentary from veteran sports journalists Andrew Kremer and Hannah Storm. – the first time two women commentators will cover an entire NFL game. It seems that Amazon is pushing the envelope when it comes to women's involvement in sports coverage, and that's a very welcome, albeit overdue, move.

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